The Lord Shut the Door

“…every wild animal… every creeping thing… every winged creature…. went into the ark with Noah, two and two of all flesh in which there was breath of life. And … the Lord shut him in. –Genesis 7:11-16, NRS

In the ark of my inner being dwell all the “ark-etypes”
of the collective unconscious –
I cannot escape them – we live here together
Because the Lord shut the door.

Two of every kind,
Each member of a pair an opposite pole
Their joining together a “coincidence of opposites”
Coming together behind the door.

In my ark dwells the dragon,
both my fierce defender and my awesome accuser.

And my collie, bred for herding, notices when people are missing
and seeks them out, but also nips the heels of those
who do not want to do things my way!

My strong and graceful white horse, led by Christ,
carries me to creative expression
(her opposite yet undiscovered.)

While the virgin wife, great with child
labors to give birth
to the Son of God in my soul
The Lord has shut the door.

Mine is the task to meet and tame
my ark-dwelling archetypes,
to understand their strengths
and weaknesses.
I cannot escape them –
We live here together
Because the Lord shut the door!

What animal “ark-etypes” has God shut in with you for you to face?


About Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith has 20 years’ experience in technical writing and management in software companies. She also has more than 20 years in Christian ministry as an educator, course designer, retreat leader, spiritual director, pastor, and coach. A United Methodist Deacon, Smith has her M.Div. from Boston University. She is a graduate of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance, and is certified in Spiritual Direction and Retreat Leadership from Boston College.
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One Response to The Lord Shut the Door

  1. Frank Ober says:

    What a challenge! First to find the archetype animal and then try to determine what the archetype of it would be. I have always understood that there must be darkness in order to appreciate light, noise to appreciate silence but animal archetypes? I must ponder that one for a bit… Frank

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