Prayer 1

When I trust You and fall in love with You, then You change in ways that show me how limited a God I love, and I have to learn to trust and love You all over again! Forgive the poverty of my faith and teach me to be faithful to You as You are to me. Amen.





About Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith has 20 years’ experience in technical writing and management in software companies. She also has more than 20 years in Christian ministry as an educator, course designer, retreat leader, spiritual director, pastor, and coach. A United Methodist Deacon, Smith has her M.Div. from Boston University. She is a graduate of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance, and is certified in Spiritual Direction and Retreat Leadership from Boston College.
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One Response to Prayer 1

  1. Frank says:

    To me, this short and concise prayer/poem summarizes my faith journey. I search and think that I have found who GOD is and then as illusive as the dog in the fog, I have lost the image. So I keep searching and learning and loving. The journey continues…

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