My Sacred Story

“Faith is not expected to give complete satisfaction to the intellect. It leaves the intellect suspended in obscurity, without a light proper to its own mode of knowing. Yet it does not frustrate the intellect, or deny it, or destroy it. It pacifies it with a conviction which it knows it can accept quite rationally under the guidance of love. For the act of faith is an act in which the intellect is content to know God by loving Him and accepting His statements about Himself on His own terms.”  –Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation, p. 127-128

My sacred story –
          the one that calls my inner being into covenant with and through the Self-giving love of God,
          the one whose characters foretell and mirror my own spiritual pilgrimage,
          the one to whose longings, promises, and fulfillments I can shout a resounding “YES!” –

My sacred story is the story
          told in the Judaeo-Christian Scriptures,
          inflamed by the Holy Spirit in the early Christian faith community,
          and continually created in our world and our lives today.

If you have a different sacred story,
          one of love and spirit
          rather than of law and prescription,
          together we can find the same God speaking to us.

But if you share the words of my sacred story –
          words telling of the incarnation, sacrifice,
 and indwelling Presence of God –
          but share those words in terms of prescribed laws,
          then I will hear the Word of God less clearly in your telling
than in the telling of the one whose story-words are different,
          but through whose words the Word of God is clearly heard.


© 1999


About Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith has 20 years’ experience in technical writing and management in software companies. She also has more than 20 years in Christian ministry as an educator, course designer, retreat leader, spiritual director, pastor, and coach. A United Methodist Deacon, Smith has her M.Div. from Boston University. She is a graduate of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance, and is certified in Spiritual Direction and Retreat Leadership from Boston College.
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2 Responses to My Sacred Story

  1. Frank Ober says:

    Today, the priest talked about the small c catholic church and how Jesus came for all of us and how we are all in the same church. He caged the story around the concept of the church being an exclusive club in the face of what Jesus told us, that he came for all nations and peoples. He failed to mention the small c catholic VS the Capitol C Catholic. So unless one listened with that concept in mind one might think otherwise. I re-read this posting of yours and it nicely dovetails with the homily today. Frank

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